Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interesting Photos from Travels in Asia

I've always enjoyed travelling and experiencing new places.

Here are some photos of interesting things I observed on some of my trips to countries in Asia.

This first one - taken at the fashionable Itaewon area of Seoul, capital city of South Korea - is hopefully due to poor English language skills ...

The next one is from Chongqing in China. The logo is surprisingly familiar. So much for Intellectual Property protection.

Here is a shot of a street-side stall on Dong Khoi Street in Ho Chi Minh City, selling some nice looking souvenirs, made up of ... do you see it ...  cans of beer and soft drinks.

This sculpture from the city of Chongqing has something to do with how NOT to erect buildings ...

And finally this stone turtle I saw in a Hanoi cafe tells the story of Hoan Kiem lake and the turtle which retrieved the sword from the king after his wishes had been granted.

May all your journeys be interesting and safe.

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Anonymous said...

I like the pictures. Especially the first one. Hilarious!